Our Rooms

We have an ever expanding variety of rooms for you to choose from each with its own unique flavor to offer.

One Room. One hour to get out.

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The Miller Family Deed

You are an investigator for Hidden Puzzles Detective Agency. Sam Miller, heir to the Miller family estate, has called upon you for help. His future is no longer secure as several people have come forward claiming they have the ‘real’ deeds to much of the Miller property. He has spent weeks searching for his great-grandfather’s original deeds, but has recently realized that it must be in his great-grandfather’s crypt. With only an hour before the judge makes his ruling, he needs results fast. Find the deed before time runs out and the Miller family estate is lost. Good luck detectives. You have 60 minutes.

Kingsley’s Place

Bill Kingsley, a notorious gangster, owns multiple speakeasies in the area and has hired you to run Kingsley’s Place. He hasn’t had time to show you the ropes yet, but he’s sure you’ll figure it out. He’s at his son, Chuck’s, birthday party today, so he is not available to help. Unfortunately, you’ve just learned that a police raid is headed over to Kingsley’s Place in one hour. You better get the cash and get out. And you should probably grab Bill’s favorite bottle of Gunner Ghost liquor, or he won’t be happy with you. Good luck, Bootleggers. You have one hour.

Wizard’s Workshop